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Against gender ideology: a list of past posts organised by topic

Freer Lives now includes a link to a new page, on its left hand menu, called Archived posts grouped by topic, so that previous articles can be searched more easily by subject. It includes some reposts from other sites, which are of course acknowledged. It should be read in conjunction with the other pages on the blog menu, on women’s oppression, sex role stereotyping and the top-down history of the transgender trend.

The topic headings are:

  • Elite support for the trans trend
  • The Left and gender ideology
  • Soothing left wing sensibilities (how the liberal media soothes readers who are uneasy about the sex-stereotypes and other sexism in gender ideology)
  • The progressive side of the trans trend, and its limits
  • Gender-critical progressives and the Right
  • Postmodernism
  • Gender identity, biology, defining women, women’s spaces
  • The new women’s movement
  • No-platforming and harassment of feminist critics.