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Archived posts grouped by topic

Here is a list of key posts on this blog, organised by topic. Dates of publication are included in the URLs. A few reposts from other sites are included, and acknowledged. See also the other pages on the site menu, on women’s oppression, sex role stereotyping, and the top-down nature of the trans trend.

Elite support for gender ideology
Supporters of gender ideology downplay the support they receive from the neoliberal elite, but it is fundamental to the mainstreaming of the trans trend.

The left’s capitulation to gender sexism
Almost all the liberal and far Left has capitulated to gender ideology, despite its fundamentally right wing character.

Soothing left wing sensibilities

The progressive side of trans, and its limits

Gender-critical progressives and the Right

Postmodernism prepared the ground for gender ideology: it is irrationalist, anti-humanist, and hostile to materialism. Liberation for all is replaced by self-cultivation for the few. Postmodernism makes it easier to replace the material reality of sex with the sexist mysticism of gender.

Gender identity, biology, defining women, women’s spaces

The gender critical left and the new women’s movement

No-platforming and harassment of feminist critics

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