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This is a blog about the transgender phenomenon, by a socialist critic. Discussion and constructive criticism are welcome.

Transgender individuals are trying to live a life that feels better for them, in the process defying the idea that we are naturally feminine or masculine based on our biology. As a result trans people risk harassment, bashings and sometimes murder by backwoods haters. Their rights are supported by the Left, most feminists, and most lesbians and gays. The Christian Right has rallied against them, as part of a wider campaign against anyone outside traditional, biology-based, heterosexual identities.

Yet everyone else seems to be on board. Trans rights are promoted by governments, CEOs, public authorities, Facebook, and the mass media, including the right wing Murdoch empire. They are championed by an extraordinarily wide coalition stretching from the far Left to sections of the US Republican Party. Support from the elite and the Right is based on the potential of the trans trend to further their own interests. For while it challenges biology-based sex stereotypes, the trans trend does not challenge sex stereotypes as such – in fact transgender thinking is founded on sex role typecasting, for when someone transitions from one gender to the other, they have nothing but stereotypes to define them in their new status. This makes the trans phenomenon a very useful way for the elite to maintain conservative ideas in a changing world. As Marx said, the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class, and it is the elite’s way of looking at the trans issue that prevails. And while people who transition are reacting against biology-based stereotypes, they do so in an atmosphere of continuing glowing endorsement of trans identity in the corporate mass media. The problems are these:

  • mass media massively ramps up the sex stereotyping aspect of the trans trend, turning it at times into a carnival-like celebration
  • critics who try to point this out have at times been silenced by trans activists, supported by the corporate media; the concept of ‘hater’ has been degraded by trans activists and supporters, used to create a mood of fear that silences progressive-minded critics
  • trans activists make certain demands that reinforce women’s oppression
  • media and public institutions present transgender identity as the definitive or only alternative to mainstream traditional sex roles, concealing the option of simply living a freer life without reference to gender
  • instead of social change to push back stereotypes, trans ideology calls for personal change: the foot must change, not the shoe; instead of pointing out that something deeply wrong in society must change, it calls only for acceptance of diversity
  • children and teens discontented with traditional gender roles are being told that trans identity is the only alternative: a high-stakes alternative leading toward surgery, infertility and a lifetime on costly drugs
  • there are also questions to be asked as to whether the transgender trend is being used at times to channel young people away from gay or lesbian identities.

There is a different way to oppose biology-based stereotypes of the girly-girl and red-meat guy: to let males as males and females as females throw off stereotypes and live freer lives just as they are. I think most trans people would have no problem with this; they might even see it as vaguely allied to their own approach. It was once a commonplace among leftists and feminists. Yet we rarely hear of this approach, for it is not what the elite want people to hear. The Left does not challenge them, for it has surrendered a great deal of ground on this issue.

A trend that goes far beyond transgender people themselves

Transgender people defy the most traditional sex stereotypes that people born with a female body are naturally feminine, people born with a male body are naturally masculine, and anything else is unnatural and unhealthy. This means that transgender people face widespread social ostracism, run the risk of violent attacks, and face political attacks from the religious Right and the so-called alt Right. Transgender people deserve support in confronting all these forms of discrimination. Transgender people themselves can reasonably expect to lead that process themselves, or at least to be at the front and centre of any discussions. At the same time, they have huge support from liberals and leftists.

This blog is centred on different concerns:
1 that some ideas associated with transgender identity are politically conservative and work against women’s liberation
2 crucially, that the neoliberal elite disseminates the most conservative elements of this thinking, via the mass media and public and private institutions, to help maintain women’s oppression
3 that this process is not being challenged by liberals and leftists who normally defend women’s rights.

Because of this, discussions around transgender identity are not simply about defending a minority’s rights. The issue impacts directly on the whole population, particularly women.

Transgender people vary in their political views. Many will probably oppose a lot of the arguments made in this blog, such as its rejection of the notion of innate gender identity. In response I ask such people to consider how female-socialised women are impacted by transgender messages, and to oppose people like Caitlyn Jenner not just on the basis of wealth and Republicanism, but on the basis of sex role stereotyping of womanhood. But at its core this is a battle not with transgender people but against the neoliberal elite. Some feminists are engaged in this battle. The Left should be too.

About the blog

The Pages of the blog contain opinion statements on what I see as the main points at stake. Each statement will probably be revised quite often, in response to constructive criticism or new facts or ideas.

Comment on my posts is very welcome, and so is discussion and debate between readers. However I reserve the right not to publish abuse or empty attacks.

About me

I am an independent socialist in Victoria Australia, who tweets as @svyazhsk. I have set this blog up out of deep concern that the Left has failed to defend the politics of women’s liberation in the context of the transgender trend.

For the record, I am a hetero male who believes that women are oppressed by capitalism, not by men. Capitalism cannot let go of women’s second class status because it relies on women to perform unpaid labour in the home. Individual men and women become the agents of women’s oppression. It is in the interests of all working people to remove women’s oppression, along with the whole system of capitalism.




  1. intersting new gender crit blog by socialist man, but disagree with his premise that it’s capitalism and only capitalism not men that oppresses women, lololol.

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  2. bacopa says:

    Well, if you define capitalism loosely enough, it’s been around a long time. Women can’t be that much oppressed until there’s settlement, accumulation of property, and recognition of father-right to ease generational transfer of property. This is basic Engels.

    I’m not sure Engels would call these earlier systems capitalism.

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    • vpetunia says:

      Engels called them class societies. Oppression of women requires there be a surplus– Family, property, and states, rolling into existence mostly in concert. An owning class (slaveowners, lords, or capitalists) and producer class (slaves, serfs, and workers).

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  3. kamilla1960 says:

    So glad to have found this!

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  4. Me says:

    I think that capitalism oppresses males, too, but differently from women. Capitalism expects men to put their jobs ahead of their families and private lives and men are expected to work, work, work, whether or not he’d prefer to be the stay at home parent. It’s a shitty system for everyone.

    I agree with you on the trans issue and I’ll be reading your blog more closely in the days to come.

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    • freerlives says:

      Thanks for your comment! It’s great to be making connections with more people.
      Yes sex roles are cruelly confining for men as well. Capitalism is an alienated system where no-one can find true fulfillment. Women are subjected to more systematic discrimination and restriction, but men would also be freed by the liberation of women.

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  5. Your lucid writing is very much appreciated, FreerLives! I like brains, I like clarity, the “bigger picture “.
    The picture may be even bigger, when you consider J.D.Rockefeller’s eugenics pursuit (“eu”, in this case standing for a slave rather than a master race) at the beginning of molecular biology, and the continued abuse of science to futurize biology. Everything is to become mechanically doable, and the public is inoculated with Hollywood style futurism.
    . . and so on. Thank you again!


  6. Jeff White says:

    I’m so glad I found this blog. Keep up the good work.

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  7. Sam Esther says:

    As a socialist and radical feminist who was just recently forced out of my socialist group due to me gender critical and feminist views, I’m glad to have found this blog as well. I just read the introduction and plan to read your other posts. But in response to your introduction, doesn’t the system of patriarchy or male supremacy predate capitalism and have its origins in the beginning of class society per Engels? I think we have to overthrow capitalism but also male supremacy.. just overthrowing capitalism by itself will not automatically free women. It’s necessary but not sufficient. . We need a independent women’s
    Liberation movement to accomplish that.

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    • freerlives says:

      Very glad to make contact with you Sam. Gender-critical socialists need to collaborate, so I hope there is a chance here for ongoing discussion. I will respond to your question about patriarchy and capitalism in the near future.

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  8. freerlives says:

    See the new page on patriarchy theory, accessed via menu on left of the home page


  9. vpetunia says:

    VERY obscure question– what theme, or editor do you use in WordPress? It’s very readable.


  10. Caffryn says:

    Thank you for going to the trouble of writing this blog. I have only recently been trying to come to grips with transgender ideology, and have read so much in a short time, my head feels like exploding. In particular, to come across Identity Politics from a Socialist point of view is exactly what I needed. I look forward to learning from your blog, and can see myself coming back to it often. In what I have read before I found this, I quickly came to realise that the transgender agenda is driven by elite interests. I found mention of George Soros as a substantial contributer, in the way of multi-millions, to clinics and institutions for research into transgenderism. I could share that article with you if you haven’t seen it ( The Federalist ) Thank you once again. This is great work.


    • freerlives says:

      Many thanks for your interest Caffryn. Like a number of others, I oppose gender ideology because its support for sex stereotypes holds women down. Social conservatives oppose it on a different basis – they want to preserve traditional biology-based stereotypes.
      I look forward to further discussion with you.


  11. Phil F says:

    Excellent blog! We have the same problem in NZ. One of the most disturbing things here is the way violent misogyny has become acceptable in swathes of the left here. Trying to get gender-critical people sacked is also acceptable now here on much of the left.

    In terms of the embrace of gender ideology and postmodernism, here’s a recent NZ critical piece: https://rdln.wordpress.com/2019/09/12/nz-left-politically-embracing-extreme-postmodernism/

    And we have been building up a whole bunch of gender-critical pieces: https://rdln.wordpress.com/2019/07/26/gender-critical-material-on-redline/

    All the best – I hope this blog gets a good readership. It’s so encouraging to come across other Marxists who haven’t drunk the kool-aid!


  12. Phil F says:

    We look forward to collaborating in whatever ways we can.

    We will do an article on your blog, or we might just run your iintroduction, and put in a link and add you to our blogroll. All the very best.


  13. Phil F says:

    Thanks comrade. I’ve been a bit slow, but finally put a link in our Redline blogroll to your site, which I am enjoying immensely – although I’m not sure ‘enjoying’ is quite the right word given the horrendous nature of so much of the phenomenon we are dealing with. We’ve also put up a wee article announcing that we’ve added Freer Lives to our blogroll, and it ends with a couple of paragraphs of one of your articles and a link to it on your blog for people who want to read the whole article. We’re keen to do an interview with you too. Can you email me?

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  14. Phil F says:

    Today, you should see a little trickle of visitors/views coming to your excellent blog from Redline, as I have put up a note about Freer Lives with a link in the note and also added your blog to our Blogroll. All the best again, Phil

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