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Female trade union official ‘bullied off own union’s picket line on International Women’s Day’

Transgender activists and supporters recently attacked a British trade union official Paula Lamont, driving her off a picket line on International Women’s Day. A report in the Morning Star describes the trans activists shouting ‘“Terf! Terf! Terf! Get her out of here, she’s a Terf.”… One activist can be heard to shout: “She’s not here in solidarity with anybody,” while another challenges her: “If you’re not here in solidarity with transwomen, then what are you doing here?”’

It will be interesting and instructive to see how many trans activists come forward to condemn this behaviour.

Some leftists will no doubt condemn the attack on Lamont while also attempting to separate it from the overall “progressive” tendency of trans politics. But since transgender ideology is founded on sex role stereotyping, misogynistic and right wing actions of this kind are not some unfortunate and avoidable accident. They emerge from the core politics of transgender, so they will keep appearing.

The Morning Star article reports that the picket line was part of the Bectu Picturehouse dispute, ‘part of a long-running campaign for the living wage and sick pay for staff. It has received widespread support, including from Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.’

The previous month Paula Lamont had attended a meeting about the planned changes to Britain’s Gender Recognition Act. “I was attacked purely for being identified as having attended A Woman’s Place UK meeting,” she said.

The attack was condemned by Prospect union general secretary Mike Clancy. LGBT secretary for London fire brigades union Lucy Masoud, who was one of the WPUK speakers, said: “I utterly condemn the attack on this female trade union member. The fact that it was an attack on a picket line while she was defending the rights of other workers is absolutely disgraceful… I call on other unions, specifically women’s sections, to come out and condemn this kind of behaviour towards our female members.”

The Morning Star reports: ‘RMT [union] executive member Eddie Dempsey and friend of the victim said the incident was “a complete disrespect to our movement. There are only two sides to a picket line… This sort of behaviour completely undermines the picket. If something like that happened on one of our pickets, the employers would be jumping for joy.”… Dempsey said that women in RMT, which has a 15 per cent female membership, had expressed concerns about changes to the GRA… Dempsey said he thought, “as a whole, the trade union movement has ducked the issue” of the GRA and that “people were afraid of speaking out.”

See full report from Ros Sitwell in the Morning Star 20 March 2018


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